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For Pet Owners
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The Value of Donation
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The Value of Donation
Fot Pet Owners - The meaning and value of tissue donation

Companion animals are not only minded creatures, but also loving family members and precious friends. Meeting is always followed by parting, companion animals cannot stay with us forever because of the short lifespan. Every pet owner has to come to terms with saying goodbye. But their lives can be continued by being tissue donors to help other pets.

Many companion animals are suffering from aging, accidents and lots of diseases. They are looking forward to getting help from your pet tissue donation.
Since veterinary science is developing day by day, many diseases can be cured by state of the art medical services that have been only applied to human. Advances in veterinary surgery, just as in human surgery, now mean that tissue donation can help cure conditions in other animals.

Donated tissues can be used to replace degenerative or deformed arthritis. Bone fractures caused by accidents also can be cured by donated tissues without leg amputation surgeries.

After a pet dies, a practical matter to the owner is how to treat the dead body.
According to the current regulations, dead bodies must be treated as follows.
* If a pet died in a veterinary clinic, the body will be incinerated by a specialized agency as medical waste and the cost would be expensive.
* Or the owner can cremate the body through a pet crematorium.
  According to the regulations of local autonomous entities, the ashes should be put in a garbage bag and treated as household waste.
* Considering the dignity and sanctity of life, we strongly recommend to cremate bodies in clinics or specialized agencies

VETEREGEN is fully respecting animal rights, strict adherence to animal ethics regulations. Following donation, the pet’s remains are placed in the care of VETEREGEN. If owners wish for their pets to have a private cremation, we are willing to arrange this and return the individually cremated ashes to the owners. All costs for tissue recovery and cremation are paid for by VETEREGEN.

Donated tissues will be processed and help other pets to recover from diseases. These tissues can be widely used in orthopedics, dental clinics and neurosurgeries. We will put our best efforts into the work in order to provide the advanced medical services to companion animals.