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For Veterinary Professionals
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Donor Program
Understanding Bone Grafting Clinical Case Donor Program FAQ
Donor Program
Veterinary Professionals Donor Program

If the owners want to help other pets by tissue donation, we recommend that you give them our donor brochure and information sheet to review. Please do not hesitate to call us for more information.

There is a weight consideration for donors. Canines should be at least 18kg, and felines should be over 2kg. Donors ideally should be current on vaccines of rabies, distemper, and parvo virus.


malignancies, septicemia, bacteremia, autoimmune disorders, ingestion of toxic substances, recent exposure to or history of rabies, distemper, or parvovirus, general unexplained lethargy or malaise.

We do not perform the euthanasia procedure directly. This procedure must be performed in the veterinary clinic after consulting with the veterinarian. In order to evaluate donor eligibility, blood samples must be collected before euthanasia. After that, we will move the donor to our operating rooms to perform the surgical recovery of the tissue grafts.

We evaluate donor eligibility by performing serological tests for rabies, distemper, parvo virus, heartworm and Brucella using blood samples collected from donors.

If the pet’s owner agrees to donate, he or she can be given 2 copies of the Donor Consent Form to review and sign, one to be left at the clinic and one for us to have. The consent form can be downloaded at our website or just call us, we will send you the form immediately.

After the recovery procedure ended, we can have the donor privately cremated and return the ashes to the owners according to the owners wish (The ashes will be put in a nicely finished cedar box, or an urn upon request). All costs will be covered by VETEREGEN. The cremation process and return of ashes can take up to 1 or 2 weeks

Tissue Donation : Brief Step by step Guide.

VETEREGEN operates an ethical donor program for canines and felines. We screen all donors to ensure they are suitable on health grounds. If you believe a donor will be suitable and the family could be amenable to participating in tissue donation, please follow these procedures.

1. Please Call VETEREGEN service center to discuss details of the case. We will send you a consent form for donation immediately.
You can also download the form at our website..

2. Discuss the option of tissue donation with the owner.
- Review and have the owner signs the consent form for donation.
- Make an appointment with the owner for VETEREGEN to answer any questions they might have.

3. Fill in the veterinary tissue donor information” form and inform us when the donation is proceeding and arrange for a pick-up time.

4. Collect 4 blood samples from the donor and store the samples in a fridge at 4℃. We will collect the samples when we visit your clinic.

5. Prepare all vaccination and medical records of the donor.

Please contact our customer service center if you have any questions. Thank you for your efforts and support on veterinary tissue donation.