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Allograft Product

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Allograft Product
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Specialty graft family
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Membranes Segments & struts Tendons
Specialty graft family

Membranes are biological materials used for Guided Tissue Regeneration. Fully compatible and resorbable

DBM flexible bone Membranes   Freeze-Dried
img Thin, flexible, demineralized bone sheets, used for :
  • ∙ Guided Tissue Regeneration
  • ∙ Fracture wrapping
  • ∙ Retaining particulate graft
  • ∙ Cranio-maxillofacial repairs
  • ∙ Oronasal fistulae, Cleft palates
  • ∙ Craniotomies & other neurosurgical procedures
size : ~ 1.4 – 2.4 cm diameter
  1.0 x 1.0cm
  1.0 x 1.5cm
  1.5 x 2.0cm
  1.5 x 4.0cm
  2.0 x 3.0cm

Fascia can be used wherever biological patch or barrier material is needed , (ex, dura, pericardium, hernia repair, GTR)

Fascia Lata Meambranes   Freeze-Dried
img Fascial grafts are used for :
  • ∙ Biological patch or barrier material (dura, pericaridum, etc.)
  • ∙ Palatal defects and ONF repair
  • ∙ Hernia repair and slings
  • ∙ Tendon rupture repair / support
size : 2.0 x 3.0 cm sheet
  3.0 x 5.0 cm sheet