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Allograft Product

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Allograft Product
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Cancellium SponZ
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The cancellous sponge bone block has a high-strength spongy bone shape after the demineralization of a porous, three-dimensional spongy bone structure that supports tissues inside bone for a certain period of time. However, when rehydrated with blood or saline, it gains compressibility and elasticity like a sponge that has absorbed water. When grafted into the irregularly-shaped missing portions of bone, it provides exceptional space preservation and scaffolding properties for bone remodeling.
As a 100% allogenic graft material, it is highly biocompatible.


∙ Void filling / Extraction sites.

∙ Periodontal pockets.

∙ Bone loss.

∙ Mandibular fracture repair.

∙ Cysts / Other osseous defects.

∙ Guided Bone Regeneration.


∙ Fracture repair.

∙ Mal-or non union cases.

∙ Arthodesis procedures.

∙ Bone loss.

∙ TTA and TPLO

∙ Any other applications where
  bone graft is needed.

How to Use

Available in a vacuum packaged container, it can be molded to a desired shape or size. Rehydrate it with the patient’s blood or saline for 7-8 minutes before use.
*A freeze-dried product, it has a shelf life of five years and should be stored at room temperature before being used.
[Sterilized by Electron-beam irradiation]

Product Contain Type Size Cat. No
img Demineralized
Compressible Cancellous
Sponge bone Block
Sponge block Bone 0.5*0.5*1.0 SZCCB0551
1.0*1.0*1.0 SZCCB1110
1.0*1.0*1.5 SZCCB1115