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Allograft Product

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Allograft Product
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Fuse family
  • img Demineralized bone matrix

    · Activated growth factors (BMPs)
    ㈜BMP: Bone Morphogenetic Protein · Excellent osteoinductivity

  • img Cancellous bone

    · 3D porous structure
    ∙ Excellent osteoconductivity

  • img Minerals

    · Natural bone minerals with porous structure
    ∙ Excellent osteoconductivity and long term void filling effect

  • img Water soluble carrier

    · Water soluble synthetic polymer
    ∙ Ease of use due to the high viscosity


Demineralized bone promotes fast and quality bone repair through the osteoinducton of growth factors such as BMP, which are released during the demineralization process. A scaffold is required for the bone cells produced through this osteoinduction to attach. The cancellous bone has a highly porous, three-dimensional form with high strength inside the bone, which creates an ideal environment for revascularization and bone remodeling. This serves as a scaffold to assist in bone repair. Mixed with calcium phosphate, a naturally-derived inorganic compound, this graft product is most similar in structure to original bone.
When a highly viscous water-soluble composite is added to this bone powder, the product gains high viscosity. Without requiring extra rehydration, the product can be immediately molded to the desired shape, or mixed with other powder bone. The highly viscous water-soluble composite assists in the action of BMPs released from the demineralized bone and prevents reduction in the particle size of demineralized bone, collagen decomposition, and breakdown of growth factors during radiation sterilization, which contributes to higher quality bone repair.


∙ Void filling / Extraction sites.

∙ Periodontal pockets.

∙ Bone loss.

∙ Mandibular fracture repair.

∙ Cysts / Other osseous defects.

∙ Guided Bone Regeneration.


∙ Fracture repair.

∙ Mal-or non union cases.

∙ Arthodesis procedures.

∙ Bone loss.

∙ TTA and TPLO

∙ Any other applications where
  bone graft is needed.

How to Use

Available in a specially-made syringe-like container, it can be directly injected into small spaces with a needle cap in front. It can be also made into a desired shape when used on larger areas. When mixing with other powder bone, you can turn the needle cap open and push it out. This product does not require extra rehydration during use.
It has a shelf life of two years and should be stored at room temperature before being used. [Sterilized by Electron-beam irradiation]

Product Contain Type Size Cat. No
img DBM mixed with cancellous
bone chips & natural mineral
bone chips
Putty 0.3cc PFDBMCM30
0.5cc PFDBMCM50
1.0cc PFDBMCM100
2.0cc PFDBMCM200
3.0cc PFDBMCM300
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Clinical Case : Histological specimen
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