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CEO Messege
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The era of the nuclear family and aging society has seen a rapid increase in the population of pet owners, as a result of changing attitudes towards treating pets as family. This has also led to significant changes in people’s attitudes towards health services and technologies for pets.

If pets sustain fractures or lose portions of bone, teeth, skin, or soft tissues due to accidents, disease, or aging, pet owners will need health services that provide treatment for such ailments.
VETEREGEN Corp. is proposing a new approach.

VETEREGEN Corp. is the first veterinary tissue bank in Asia, which specializes in commercializing bone, soft tissue, and skin obtained from animal donors so that they can be safely grafted into other animals, and then producing allografts to be transplanted into animals needing the grafts.

Similar to a human tissue bank, a veterinary tissue bank refers to a facility or organization involved in the procurement, storage, processing, preservation, and distribution of donated animal tissues to make them transplantable.

Animal tissues used as grafts refer to parts of the animal body, such as the bone, cartilage, fascia, skin, membrane, ligament, tendon, heart valve, and blood vessel, which can be harvested and transplanted to keep the animal healthy, facilitate recovery, and prevent disorders, and which are not part of the organs.
These donated animal tissues are processed into transplantable products that will be used for medical purposes in order to save the lives of other animals and help them recover. In other words, animal donors will help improve the quality of life for other animals.

Tissue banking began in the 1950s to save human lives. Initially the aim of tissue banking was to reduce pain and complications in patients when tissues were harvested from patients during autografting, thereby reducing surgical time and failure rates.

The quality systems of VETEREGEN Corp. are modeled after those of human tissue banks accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and the Korean Association of Tissue Banks (KATB), and place the company’s animal tissue products at similar clinical-quality levels to human tissue products.

VETEREGEN Corp. has cleanroom facilities that allow storage, control, and production of animal tissue grafts under sterile conditions. As Asia’s first tissue bank for animals involved in research, development, and production, we strive to produce safer and higher-quality products, uphold the highest ethical standards for the use of animals, and commit ourselves to integrity and honesty to expand globally beyond national boundaries, e.g. the U.S., Europe, and China.

Thank you.

January 2019, VETEREGEN Corp CEO & Management team.