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Main business Allograft Tissue / Medical Device / Feed Additives / Cosmetic / Health care
TEL +82-31-790-3623
FAX +82-31-790-3624
Adress 915 ITECO, 150 Jojeong-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 465-736 Korea.
Company Overview

VETEREGEN Corp. is the first veterinary tissue bank in Asia.
We have developed a variety of technologies in order to bring health back to pets that suffer from diseases and accidents. Our efforts have led to an increased need for products that allow for grafting of bone, skin, and other tissues. However, the use of chemicals or self-harvesting for grafting has caused pets further pain and complications, as well as the need for prolonged surgery.

VETEREGEN Corp. is a veterinary tissue bank that has successfully localized allograft products which were previously dependent on imports. The company processes tissues from donor animals and transforms them into a variety of safe, highly effective forms to help avoid unnecessary pain and complications. By safely supplying allograft products, which are then processed and sterilized to animals in need, the company works to increase post-operative recovery rates, reduce surgical times and costs, improve the quality of life of animals, and contribute to the growth of related industries.

“VETEREGEN is the first ever veterinary tissue bank in Asia and we are committed to ensuring integrity and compliance with the highest ethical standards.”